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the intelligent Book Information Management System

Awards winning OPAC interface enabling easier access to library resources by providing:

Dual-language display, facilitating communication between library staff and non-English speaking users;

Touch selection function – overcoming the difficulty of using Romanised keyboard for non-Romanised character entry by using finger to touch on feature buttons for items display without the need of typing in search data;

Multi-language user interface such as English with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Greek;

Innovative auto-complete fields of input function using in-built search engine, allowing the display of 3 scripts – namely English, Romanised and non-Romanised at a single point of entry;

Intuitive Place reservation function in user’s own language.

iBIMS® - the missing link in a digital age. Any single user in the world can have the convenience of searching in his or her own language, anytime, anywhere. Truly your language, my language.